Regency Rebrand: Diamonds Aren’t Forever

January 7, 2020


In 2007, Regency Homebuilders opened its doors and has since become the largest homebuilder in the MidSouth Area.

For over 12 years, we have been committed to building houses of quality and integrity that will provide a home for your family. At Regency, it is our core belief that what is built today will supply us for the future.

Over time change is necessary, but some things never change; like the care and respect that we have for each customer and for every home we have the pleasure of working on. The work that we do is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Three Decades

While Regency is approaching its 13th birthday, it has seen the ebbs and flows of three different decades. Naturally, our company has grown and evolved since our founding in 2007 – a lot has changed in the time it’s taken to get to 2020. We have grown in size, culture, and into the communities where we build.

We are a name that the MidSouth knows and trusts, a company that is recognizable and known for our quality and service.

Building homes isn’t just business to us: it’s personal for all involved.

The foundation that we lay and the walls we build aren’t just part of your house, they become a part of your family. At Regency, we strive to help you provide a foundation to build a family and walls to hang generations of memories. The true job of a Regency Home begins when we hand over the keys to the new homeowners; the moment that our house becomes your home.

When we think of what Regency does and of our brand, what comes to mind is the trust that our customers put in us and our commitment to provide them with a home they will love.

Welcome to Our House

Recognized as a Top Memphis Workplace by the Commercial Appeal in both 2018 and 2019, Regency prides itself on its culture.

“At Regency, we aren’t an ID number, we aren’t a title – we are individuals who give Regency our all every day. The men and women hired here are not at random, they are intentionally selected for who they are as individuals and for the ways they can contribute to the growth and posterity of Regency.”

Our owners, Jere Bowden and Sean Carlson, believe in the people they hire and trust them with the growth of Regency Homebuilders as a company. Our employees and their dedication to all that Regency does is Regency Homebuilders. Our employees are the ones building the company that builds your homes.

The trust, respect, and responsibility given to our employees brings us to a single sticky note:

Regency Home Builders Re-brand Process

When we decided to rebrand, we wanted our new logo to represent Regency from the inside out. What started as an employee’s sticky note doodle representing the Regency “R” as a house, now represents our company’s identity.

It’s a symbol that represents our dedication to building quality homes throughout the MidSouth and the trust that families in the Greater Memphis Area place in everyone at Regency Homebuilders.

Our rebrand reflects the reliable structure provided by Regency Homebuilders that will never change, along with the growth and expansion we have had as a company over the past 12 years.

Welcome to our house – wherever you see it, you know you’re home.