4 “Do’s” of Design

June 29, 2017


Every season brings about a change and for this summer season, consider these things when redecorating your home. Here we have 4 “Do’s” of Design!

Window Treatments

If you are someone who appreciates an open space, making your ceiling appear taller is a way to switch up the look of a room in your home. A definite “DO” is to raise the height of your curtains to hang just below the ceiling. When you hang window treatments higher than the window, you draw your eye upward and give the illusion of larger window in turn giving your the space and brightness that you want to achieve.

Light Fixtures

If you’re in the mood for changing your chandeliers this season; a rule of thumb is to have 30’ to 35” of space between the bottom of the chandelier and the table top. This is for a standard 8 foot ceiling. For ceilings higher than 8 feet, consider adding an extra 3” in suspension height for every additional foot.

The Rule of Three: (Pun intended)

When setting out new decor, have you thought about grouping your items in 3s or odd numbers? Again, we are back to the psychology of it all. When we see things arranged in odd numbers, our minds are convinced that it must be more appealing because our eyes are forced to move around more. Thus, making it more effective in tying in the ultimate visual experience.

Wall Decor

Sometimes the picture hanging process can be a hassle. Well, let’s make it a little bit easier with this tip. Interior design experts suggest that pictures should be hung 57” for the center. This means that the middle of picture should be at 57” from the ground. This is because 57” is considered the average eye level height. Most people tend to hang pictures higher then 57” which makes the room unbalanced with the furniture. What you want is a good relationship between everything in the room through symmetry and design.