Start Fresh, Buy New

April 24, 2017


There are numerous advantages of newly-built homes, from lower cost of ownership to modern floor plans and design. Starting Fresh and Buying New will allow you and your family to build a house that is perfect for your lifestyle!

1. Designed for Living: New homes are built to fit your specific lifestyle.

Newly built homes offer twice the bathroom space, three times the closet space, and higher ceilings. Regency Homebuilders spends time researching the latest trends in the homebuilding industry, making sure that our customers have the latest and greatest designs. With open floor plans, built-in media options, and the latest technology, Regency will make sure that you have the perfect floor plan for you and your family.

2. Low-Cost Ownership: Spend your time and money the way you want.

Buying a new home means that you have nothing to repair or re-do. The average monthly upkeep cost for a new home is $25 compared to a used home at $100. A 10-year old home will cost 580% more in annual maintenance and improvement than a newly built home. Build your new home with Regency and sit back, relax, and enjoy a home that’s truly yours.

3. Quality Construction: Modern construction means a peace of mind for years to come.

Modern construction means less homeowner headaches, because of advanced materials, new technology, and a one-year warranty. Replacing things in your home can become expensive. For example, a new heater costs the same as 7 designer bags, a burst pipe that floods your house costs the same as 1 year of tuition at a state school, and new roof costs the same as 7 luxury cruises for a family of 4. Your Regency home will be built from the ground up to your specifications with superior materials and expert craftsmanship.

4. Energy Efficient: New built homes are smarter on the environment and your wallet.

From superior insulation to sustainable material, Regency offers energy efficient construction and design. Newly built homes save 3,449 KWH a year on average, which is enough to power your coffee maker for 32 years and your washer for 4 years. Your new Regency home will be 30%more efficient than a home built just 10 years ago, which will lower your bills today for immediate savings.