The Regency Process: Part 1

December 19, 2019


Phase 1: Getting Started

Step 1: Get Pre-Approved
Work with the lender of your choice to obtain a pre-approval letter. We have a list of expert lenders that we work with on a daily basis who know our processes well, and are easy to work with. You can see that list here.

Step 2: Write a Contract
Work with one of our agents to choose the perfect community, lot & floor plan for you.

Step 3: Ratified Contract
Once submitted, your contract will go through the Regency contracts team. Once the contract is accepted, it is signed and “ratified.”

Step 4: Plans are Ordered
Next, your home plans are ordered from the architect. This is why structural changes are required on the contract.

Step 5: Construction Loan
Once the plans are drawn up, Regency submits for a construction loan. The loan typically takes between 3 & 5 weeks to process.

Step 6: Design Studio Appointment
During that waiting period, the Regency Design Studio will contact you to set up your personal design consultation. This is the fun part! You'll choose every part of your home, from brick to cabinets, tile, and light fixtures.

Step 7: Pre-Construction Meeting
Once the construction loan closes, your personal builder will contact you to introduce themselves & schedule a pre-construction meeting. During this meeting, you will discuss the plans, permits, and selections chosen for the home.

Step 8: Construction Begins
The moment you've been waiting for! Dirt is moved and your beautiful new home gets started.

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